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    Copyright (C) 2007 Oliver Eichler oliver.eichler@gmx.de

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA


#ifndef CCANVAS_H
#define CCANVAS_H

#include "IMap.h"

#include <QWidget>
#include <QPointer>

class IMouse;
class CMouseMoveMap;
class CMouseZoomMap;
class CMouseSelMap;
class CMouseAddWpt;
class CMouseMoveWpt;
class CMouseEditWpt;
class CMouseRefPoint;
class CMouseAddText;
class CMouseAddTextBox;
class CMouseAddDistance;
class CMouseOverlay;
class CMouseColorPicker;
class CWpt;
class QLabel;
class QSize;
class QPrinter;
class QMenu;
class CMouseCutTrack;
class CMouseSelTrack;

/// the map canvas area
00050 class CCanvas : public QWidget

        enum move_direction_e {eMoveLeft, eMoveRight, eMoveUp, eMoveDown, eMoveCenter};

        CCanvas(QWidget * parent);
        virtual ~CCanvas();

00060         enum mouse_mode_e
00062             eMouseZoomArea       ///< use mouse to define a zoom area
00063             , eMouseMoveArea     ///< use mouse to move the map
00064             , eMouseSelectArea   ///< use mouse to select map tiles
00065             , eMouseAddWpt       ///< use mouse to add waypoints
00066             , eMouseEditWpt      ///< use mouse to select waypoints
00067             , eMouseMoveWpt      ///< use mouse to drag-n-drop waypoints
00068             , eMouseMoveRefPoint ///< use mouse to drag-n-drop reference points
            //, eMouseSearchOC    ///< use mouse to define a search radius for open caching
00070             , eMouseCutTrack     ///< use mouse to cut a track into two pieces
00071             , eMouseSelTrack     ///< use mouse to select points of a track by a rectangle
            //, eMouseEditRte     ///< use mouse to define a new route polyline
            //, eMouseMoveRte     ///< use mouse to move route points
            //, eMouseDelRte      ///< use mouse to delete route points
00075             , eMouseAddText      ///< use mouse to define a new text field on the map
00076             , eMouseAddTextBox   ///< use mouse to define a new text field with anchor on the map
00077             , eMouseAddDistance  ///< use mouse to define a new distance polygon
00078             , eMouseOverlay      ///< use mouse to change overlays
00079             , eMouseColorPicker  ///< use mouse to pick a color from map

        /// zoom in/out with a given point as static
        void zoom(bool in, const QPoint& p);

        /// scroll map into given direction
        void move(move_direction_e dir);

        /// center to lon/lat coordinate
            @param lon the logitude in  []
            @param lat the logitude in  []
        void move(double lon, double lat);

        void print(QPrinter& printer);

        void print(QPainter& p, const QSize& pagesize);

        /// change the current mouse mode
        void setMouseMode(mouse_mode_e mode);

        /// draw text with white border
        static void drawText(const QString& str, QPainter& p, const QPoint& center, const QColor& color = Qt::darkBlue);
        static void drawText(const QString& str, QPainter& p, const QRect& r, const QColor& color = Qt::darkBlue);

        void raiseContextMenu(const QPoint& pos);

        /// get selected color from color picker cursor
        QColor getSelectedColor();

        void sigResize(const QSize& size);

    private slots:
        void slotCopyPosition();

        void paintEvent(QPaintEvent * e);
        void resizeEvent(QResizeEvent * e);
        void mouseMoveEvent(QMouseEvent * e);
        void mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent * e);
        void mouseReleaseEvent(QMouseEvent * e);
        void wheelEvent(QWheelEvent * e);
        void showEvent ( QShowEvent * event);

        /// set override cursor
        void enterEvent(QEvent * event);
        /// restore cursor
        void leaveEvent(QEvent * event);

        void draw(QPainter& p);
        void drawRefPoints(QPainter& p);
        void drawScale(QPainter& p);

        friend class CStatusCanvas;

        void mouseMoveEventCoord(QMouseEvent * e);

        QPointer<IMouse>  mouse;
        CMouseMoveMap * mouseMoveMap;
        CMouseZoomMap * mouseZoomMap;
        CMouseSelMap * mouseSelMap;
        CMouseAddWpt * mouseAddWpt;
        CMouseMoveWpt * mouseMoveWpt;
        CMouseEditWpt * mouseEditWpt;
        CMouseRefPoint * mouseRefPoint;
        CMouseCutTrack * mouseCutTrack;
        CMouseSelTrack * mouseSelTrack;
        CMouseAddText * mouseAddText;
        CMouseAddTextBox * mouseAddTextBox;
        CMouseAddDistance * mouseAddDistance;
        CMouseOverlay * mouseOverlay;
        CMouseColorPicker * mouseColorPicker;
        bool cursorFocus;

        /// current mouse mode
00158         mouse_mode_e mouseMode;

        /// current mouse position
00161         QPoint posMouse;

        QLabel * info;
#endif                           //CCANVAS_H

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