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    Copyright (C) 2008 Oliver Eichler oliver.eichler@gmx.de

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA



#include <QObject>
#include <QList>
#include <QMap>
#include <QVector>
#include <QRectF>

#include "Garmin.h"
#include "CGarminPolygon.h"
#include "CGarminPoint.h"

class QFile;
class QByteArray;
class QPainter;
class IMap;
class IGarminStrTbl;
class QSqlDatabase;

typedef QVector<CGarminPolygon> polytype_t;
typedef QVector<CGarminPoint> pointtype_t;

class CGarminTile : public QObject
        CGarminTile(IMap * parent);
        virtual ~CGarminTile();

        /// subfile part (TRE, RGN, ...) location information
00051         struct subfile_part_t
            subfile_part_t() : offset(0), size(0){}
            /// file offset of subfile part
00055             quint32 offset;
            /// size of the subfile part
00057             quint32 size;

        struct maplevel_t
            bool inherited;
            quint8 level;
            quint8 bits;

        /// subdivision  information
00068         struct subdiv_desc_t
            quint32 n;
            /// section of next level
00072             quint16 next;
            /// end of section group
00074             bool terminate;
            /// offset into the subfile's RGN part
00076             quint32 rgn_start;
            /// end of section in RGN part (last offset = rgn_end - 1)
00078             quint32 rgn_end;

            /// there are points stored in the RGN subsection
00081             bool hasPoints;
            /// there are indexd points stored in the RGN subsection
00083             bool hasIdxPoints;
            /// there are polylines stored in the RGN subsection
00085             bool hasPolylines;
            /// there are polygons stored in the RGN subsection
00087             bool hasPolygons;

            /// the center longitude of the area covered by this subdivision
00090             qint32 iCenterLng;
            /// the center latiude of the area covered by this subdivision
00092             qint32 iCenterLat;

            /// north boundary of area covered by this subsection []
00095             double north;
            /// east boundary of area covered by this subsection []
00097             double east;
            /// south boundary of area covered by this subsection []
00099             double south;
            /// west boundary of area covered by this subsection []
00101             double west;

            /// area in meter coordinates covered by this subdivision []
00104             QRectF area;

            /// number of left shifts for RGN data
00107             quint32 shift;
            /// map level this subdivision is shown
00109             quint32 level;
            /// pointer to string table (LBL section) object


        struct subfile_desc_t
            subfile_desc_t() : north(0.0), east(0.0), south(0.0), west(0.0), isTransparent(false), strtbl(0) {}

            /// the name of the subfile (not really needed)
            QString name;
            /// location information of all parts
            QMap<QString,subfile_part_t> parts;

            /// north boundary of area covered by this subfile [rad]
            double north;
            /// east boundary of area covered by this subfile [rad]
            double east;
            /// south boundary of area covered by this subfile [rad]
            double south;
            /// west boundary of area covered by this subfile [rad]
            double west;

            /// area in [] covered by this subfile
            QRectF area;

            /// list of subdivisions
            QVector<subdiv_desc_t> subdivs;
            /// used maplevels
            QVector<maplevel_t> maplevels;
            /// bit 1 of POI_flags (TRE header @ 0x3F)
            bool isTransparent;
            /// object to manage the string tables
            IGarminStrTbl * strtbl;

        enum exce_e {eErrOpen, eErrAccess, errFormat, errLock};
        struct exce_t
            exce_t(exce_e err, const QString& msg) : err(err), msg(msg){}
            exce_e err;
            QString msg;

        /// read basic information from file
        void readBasics(const QString& filename);
        /// get access to map data
        const QMap<QString,subfile_desc_t>& getSubFiles(){return subfiles;}

        bool isTransparent(){return transparent;}

        /// read file content
            @param fast         set true to get fast access to polylines only
            @param polygons     reference to vector to store polygons
            @param polylines    reference to vector to store polylines
            @param points       reference to vector to store points
            @param pois         reference to vector to store pois
            @param level        detail level to use
            @param viewport the actual view port to draw in [rad]

        void loadVisibleData(bool fast, polytype_t& polygons, polytype_t& polylines, pointtype_t& points, pointtype_t& pois, unsigned level, const QRectF& viewport);
        /// read all polygons of a certain type in a file
            @param polygons     reference to vector to store polygons
            @param type         the 16bit type
            @param level        detail level to use
        void loadPolygonsOfType(polytype_t& polygons, quint16 type, unsigned level);

        /// create database index for later element lookup
        void createIndex(QSqlDatabase& db);
        /// read a single polyline
            @param subfile      the subfile by identifier the polyline is stored in
            @param subdiv       the subdiv by index the  the polyline is stored in
            @param offset       the offset into RGN part
            @param polylines    vector to place result
        void readPolyline(const QString& subfile, quint32 subdiv, quint32 offset, polytype_t& polylines);

        void readPoint(const QString& subfile, quint32 n, quint32 offset, pointtype_t& point);

        void readFile(QFile& file, quint32 offset, quint32 size, QByteArray& data);
        void readSubfileBasics(subfile_desc_t& subfile, QFile& file);
        void loadSubDiv(QFile& file, const subdiv_desc_t& subdiv, IGarminStrTbl * strtbl, const QByteArray& rgndata, bool fast, polytype_t& polylines, polytype_t& polygons, pointtype_t& points, pointtype_t& pois);
        void createIndexSubDiv(QFile& file, quint32 idSubfile, const subdiv_desc_t& subdiv, IGarminStrTbl * strtbl, const QByteArray& rgndata, QSqlDatabase& db);

        // share the structures
        friend class CGarminExport;
#pragma pack(1)
        // Garmin IMG file header structure, to the start of the FAT blocks
        struct hdr_img_t
            quint8  xorByte;     ///< 0x00000000
            quint8  byte0x00000001_0x0000000F[15];
            char    signature[7];///< 0x00000010 .. 0x00000016
            quint8  byte0x00000017_0x00000040[42];
                                 ///< 0x00000041 .. 0x00000047
            char    identifier[7];
            quint8  byte0x00000048;
            char    desc1[20];   ///< 0x00000049 .. 0x0000005C
            quint8  byte0x0000005D_0x00000060[4];
            quint8  e1;          ///< 0x00000061
            quint8  e2;          ///< 0x00000062
            quint8  byte0x00000063_0x00000064[2];
            char    desc2[31];   ///< 0x00000065 .. 0x00000083
            quint8  byte0x00000084_0x0000040B[904];
            quint32 dataoffset;  ///< 0x0000040C .. 0x0000040F
            quint8  byte0x00000410_0x0000041F[16];
            quint16 blocks[240]; ///< 0x00000420 .. 0x000005FF

            quint32 blocksize(){return 1 << (e1 + e2);}

        struct FATblock_t
            quint8  flag;        ///< 0x00000000
            char    name[8];     ///< 0x00000001 .. 0x00000008
            char    type[3];     ///< 0x00000009 .. 0x0000000B
            quint32 size;        ///< 0x0000000C .. 0x0000000F
            quint16 part;        ///< 0x00000010 .. 0x00000011
            quint8  byte0x00000012_0x0000001F[14];
            quint16 blocks[240]; ///< 0x00000020 .. 0x000001FF

        // common header of the RGN, TRE, LBL, NET, ... parts of the IMG file
        struct hdr_subfile_part_t
            quint16 length;      ///< 0x00000000 .. 0x00000001
            char    type[10];    ///< 0x00000002 .. 0x0000000B
            quint8  byte0x0000000C;
            quint8  flag;        ///< 0x0000000D
            quint8  byte0x0000000E_0x00000014[7];

        // TRE part header, to 0xB7
        struct hdr_tre_t : public hdr_subfile_part_t
            quint24 northbound;  ///< 0x00000015 .. 0x00000017
            quint24 eastbound;   ///< 0x00000018 .. 0x0000001A
            quint24 southbound;  ///< 0x0000001B .. 0x0000001D
            quint24 westbound;   ///< 0x0000001E .. 0x00000020
            quint32 tre1_offset; ///< 0x00000021 .. 0x00000024
            quint32 tre1_size;   ///< 0x00000025 .. 0x00000028
            quint32 tre2_offset; ///< 0x00000029 .. 0x0000002C
            quint32 tre2_size;   ///< 0x0000002D .. 0x00000030
            quint32 tre3_offset; ///< 0x00000031 .. 0x00000034
            quint32 tre3_size;   ///< 0x00000035 .. 0x00000038
                                 ///< 0x00000039 .. 0x0000003A
            quint16 tre3_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x0000003B_0x0000003E[4];
            quint8  POI_flags;   ///< 0x0000003F
            quint8  byte0x00000040_0x00000049[10];
            quint32 tre4_offset; ///< 0x0000004A .. 0x0000004D
            quint32 tre4_size;   ///< 0x0000004E .. 0x00000051
                                 ///< 0x00000052 .. 0x00000053
            quint16 tre4_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000054_0x00000057[4];
            quint32 tre5_offset; ///< 0x00000058 .. 0x0000005B
            quint32 tre5_size;   ///< 0x0000005C .. 0x0000005F
                                 ///< 0x00000060 .. 0x00000061
            quint16 tre5_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000062_0x00000065[4];
            quint32 tre6_offset; ///< 0x00000066 .. 0x00000069
            quint32 tre6_size;   ///< 0x0000006A .. 0x0000006D
                                 ///< 0x0000006E .. 0x0000006F
            quint16 tre6_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000070_0x00000073[4];
            quint8  byte0x00000074_0x0000007B[8];
            quint32 tre7_offset; ///< 0x0000007C .. 0x0000007F
            quint32 tre7_size;   ///< 0x00000080 .. 0x00000083
                                 ///< 0x00000084 .. 0x00000085
            quint16 tre7_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000086_0x00000089[4];
            quint32 tre8_offset; ///< 0x0000008A .. 0x0000008D
            quint32 tre8_size;   ///< 0x0000008E .. 0x00000091
            quint8  byte0x00000092_0x00000099[8];
            quint8  key[20];     ///< 0x0000009A .. 0x000000AD
            quint32 tre9_offset; ///< 0x000000AE .. 0x000000B1
            quint32 tre9_size;   ///< 0x000000B2 .. 0x000000B5
                                 ///< 0x000000B6 .. 0x000000B7
            quint16 tre9_rec_size;


        // RGN part header
        struct hdr_rgn_t : public hdr_subfile_part_t
            quint32 offset;      ///< 0x00000015 .. 0x00000018
            quint32 length;      ///< 0x00000019 .. 0x0000000C

        // LBL part header
        struct hdr_lbl_t : public hdr_subfile_part_t
            quint32 lbl1_offset; ///< 0x00000015 .. 0x00000018
            quint32 lbl1_length; ///< 0x00000019 .. 0x0000001C
            quint8  addr_shift;  ///< 0x0000001D
            quint8  coding;      ///< 0x0000001E
            quint32 lbl2_offset; ///< 0x0000001F .. 0x00000022
            quint32 lbl2_length; ///< 0x00000023 .. 0x00000026
                                 ///< 0x00000027 .. 0x00000028
            quint16 lbl2_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000029_0x0000002C[4];
            quint32 lbl3_offset; ///< 0x0000002D .. 0x00000030
            quint32 lbl3_length; ///< 0x00000031 .. 0x00000034
                                 ///< 0x00000035 .. 0x00000036
            quint16 lbl3_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000037_0x0000003A[4];
            quint32 lbl4_offset; ///< 0x0000003B .. 0x0000003E
            quint32 lbl4_length; ///< 0x0000003F .. 0x00000042
                                 ///< 0x00000043 .. 0x00000044
            quint16 lbl4_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000045_0x00000048[4];
            quint32 lbl5_offset; ///< 0x00000049 .. 0x0000004C
            quint32 lbl5_length; ///< 0x0000004D .. 0x00000050
                                 ///< 0x00000051 .. 0x00000052
            quint16 lbl5_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000053_0x00000056[4];
            quint32 lbl6_offset; ///< 0x00000057 .. 0x0000005A
            quint32 lbl6_length; ///< 0x0000005B .. 0x0000005E
                                 ///< 0x0000005F
            quint8  lbl6_addr_shift;
                                 ///< 0x00000060
            quint8  lbl6_glob_mask;
            quint8  byte0x00000061_0x00000063[3];
            quint32 lbl7_offset; ///< 0x00000064 .. 0x00000067
            quint32 lbl7_length; ///< 0x00000068 .. 0x0000006B
                                 ///< 0x0000006C .. 0x0000006D
            quint16 lbl7_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x0000006E_0x00000071[4];
            quint32 lbl8_offset; ///< 0x00000072 .. 0x00000075
            quint32 lbl8_length; ///< 0x00000076 .. 0x00000079
                                 ///< 0x0000007A .. 0x0000007B
            quint16 lbl8_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x0000007C_0x0000007F[4];
            quint32 lbl9_offset; ///< 0x00000080 .. 0x00000083
            quint32 lbl9_length; ///< 0x00000084 .. 0x00000087
                                 ///< 0x00000088 .. 0x00000089
            quint16 lbl9_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x0000008A_0x0000008D[4];
            quint32 lbl10_offset;///< 0x0000008E .. 0x00000091
            quint32 lbl10_length;///< 0x00000092 .. 0x00000095
                                 ///< 0x00000096 .. 0x00000097
            quint16 lbl10_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x00000098_0x0000009B[4];
            quint32 lbl11_offset;///< 0x0000009C .. 0x0000009F
            quint32 lbl11_length;///< 0x000000A0 .. 0x000000A3
                                 ///< 0x000000A4 .. 0x000000A5
            quint16 lbl11_rec_size;
            quint8  byte0x000000A6_0x000000A9[4];
            quint16 codepage;    ///< 0x000000AA .. 0x000000AB  optional check length


        // NET part header
        struct hdr_net_t : public hdr_subfile_part_t
            quint32 net1_offset; ///< 0x00000015 .. 0x00000018
            quint32 net1_length; ///< 0x00000019 .. 0x0000001C
                                 ///< 0x0000001D
            quint8  net1_addr_shift;
            quint32 net2_offset; ///< 0x0000001E .. 0x00000021
            quint32 net2_length; ///< 0x00000022 .. 0x00000025
                                 ///< 0x00000026
            quint8  net2_addr_shift;
            quint32 net3_offset; ///< 0x00000027 .. 0x0000002A
            quint32 net3_length; ///< 0x0000002B .. 0x0000002E

#define TRE_MAP_LEVEL(r) ((r)->zoom & 0x0f)
#define TRE_MAP_INHER(r) (((r)->zoom & 0x80) != 0)

        // map level definition
        struct tre_map_level_t
            quint8 zoom;
            quint8  bits;
            quint16 nsubdiv;

        // map subdivision definition, without pointer to the lower level subparts
        struct tre_subdiv_t
            quint24 rgn_offset;
            quint8  elements;
            quint24 center_lng;
            quint24 center_lat;
            quint16 width_trm;
#define TRE_SUBDIV_WIDTH(r)    (gar_load(uint16_t, (r)->width_trm) & 0x7FFF)
#define TRE_SUBDIV_TERM(r)     ((gar_load(uint16_t, (r)->width_trm) & 0x8000) != 0)
            quint16 height;

        // pointer to the lower level subparts
        struct tre_subdiv_next_t : public tre_subdiv_t
            quint16 next;
#ifdef WIN32
#pragma pack()
#pragma pack(0)
        /// the tile's filename
        QString filename;
        /// xor mask for encrypted files
        quint8 mask;
        /// map description string
        QString mapdesc;
        /// hold all subfile descriptors
            In a normal *.img file there is only one subfile. However
            gmapsupp.img files can hold several subfiles each with it's
            own subfile parts.
        QMap<QString,subfile_desc_t> subfiles;
        /// relay the transparent flags from the subfiles
        bool transparent;

#endif                           //CMAPGARMINTILE_H

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