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    Copyright (C) 2008 Oliver Eichler oliver.eichler@gmx.de

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA

#ifndef CMAPTDB_H
#define CMAPTDB_H

#include "IMap.h"
#include "CGarminTile.h"
#include <QMap>
#include <QPen>
#include <QBrush>
#include <QFont>
#include <QFontMetrics>

class CGarminTile;
class QTimer;
class QTextDocument;
class CGarminIndex;

class CMapTDB : public IMap
        CMapTDB(const QString& key, const QString& filename, CCanvas * parent);
        CMapTDB(const QString& key, const QString& filename);
        virtual ~CMapTDB();

        void convertPt2M(double& u, double& v);
        void convertM2Pt(double& u, double& v);
        void convertM2Pt(double* u, double* v, int n);
        void move(const QPoint& old, const QPoint& next);
        void zoom(bool zoomIn, const QPoint& p);
        void zoom(double lon1, double lat1, double lon2, double lat2);
        void zoom(qint32& level);
        void dimensions(double& lon1, double& lat1, double& lon2, double& lat2);
        const QString& getName(){return name;}
        void draw(QPainter& p);
        void draw();
        void draw(const QSize& s, bool needsRedraw, QPainter& p);
        void getArea_n_Scaling(XY& p1, XY& p2, float& my_xscale, float& my_yscale);
        void registerDEM(CMapDEM& dem);
        void select(IMapSelection& ms, const QRect& rect);

        void createSearchIndex(QObject * reveiver, const char * slot);
        CGarminIndex * getSearchIndex(){return index;}

        void highlight(QVector<CGarminPolygon>& res);
        void highlight(QVector<CGarminPoint>& res);

        void config();
        virtual void convertRad2Pt(double* u, double* v, int n);
        void resize(const QSize& s);
        bool eventFilter( QObject * watched, QEvent * event );

        friend class CDlgMapTDBConfig;
        void setup();
        struct strlbl_t
            QPoint  pt;
            QRect   rect;
            QString str;

        struct typ_section_t
            typ_section_t() : dataOffset(0), dataLength(0), arrayOffset(0), arrayModulo(0), arraySize(0){};
            quint32  dataOffset;
            quint32  dataLength;
            quint32  arrayOffset;
            quint16  arrayModulo;
            quint32  arraySize;
        } ;

        void readTDB(const QString& filename);
        void readTYP();
        bool processPrimaryMapData();
        void drawPolylines(QPainter& p, polytype_t& lines);
        void drawPolygons(QPainter& p, polytype_t& lines);
        void drawPoints(QPainter& p, pointtype_t& points);
        void drawPois(QPainter& p, pointtype_t& points);
        void drawLabels(QPainter& p, QVector<strlbl_t> lbls);
        void drawText(QPainter& p);

        void getInfoPoints(const QPoint& pt, QMultiMap<QString, QString>& dict);
        void getInfoPois(const QPoint& pt, QMultiMap<QString, QString>& dict);
        void getInfoPolygons(const QPoint& pt, QMultiMap<QString, QString>& dict);
        void getInfoPolylines(QPoint& pt, QMultiMap<QString, QString>& dict);
        void collectText(CGarminPolygon& item, QPolygonF& line, QFont& font, QFontMetricsF metrics, qint32 lineWidth);

        void decodeBitmap(QDataStream &in, QImage &bytes, int w, int h, int bpp);
        void readASCIIString(QDataStream& ds, QString& str);
        void readColorTable(QDataStream &in, QImage &img, int colors, int maxcolors);
        void readColorTableAlpha(QDataStream &in, QImage &img, int colors, int maxcolors);
        void readColorTableInv(QDataStream &in, QImage &img, int colors, int maxcolors);
        void processTypDrawOrder(QDataStream& file, const typ_section_t& section);
        void processTypPolygons(QDataStream& file, const typ_section_t& section);
        void processTypPolyline(QDataStream& file, const typ_section_t& section);
        void processTypPois(QDataStream& in, const typ_section_t& section);

#pragma pack(1)
        struct tdb_hdr_t
            quint8  type;
            quint16 size;

        struct tdb_product_t : public tdb_hdr_t
            quint32 id;
            quint16 version;
            char *  name[1];

        struct tdb_map_t : public tdb_hdr_t
            quint32 id;
            quint32 country;
            qint32  north;
            qint32  east;
            qint32  south;
            qint32  west;
            char    name[1];

        struct tdb_map_size_t
            quint16 dummy;
            quint16 count;
            quint32 sizes[1];

        struct tdb_copyright_t
            quint8  type;
            quint16 count;
            quint8  flag;
            char    str[1];

        struct tdb_copyrights_t : public tdb_hdr_t
            tdb_copyright_t entry;
#ifdef WIN32
#pragma pack()
#pragma pack(0)

        struct tile_t
            tile_t() : selected(false){}
            quint32 id;
            QString key;
            QString name;
            //             std::string cname;
            QString file;
            double north;
            double east;
            double south;
            double west;
            QRectF area;
            //             QVector<XY> definitionArea;
            CGarminTile * img;
            quint32 memSize;

            QPolygonF       defArea;
            QVector<double> defAreaU;
            QVector<double> defAreaV;

            bool selected;

        struct map_level_t
            quint8 bits;
            quint8 level;
            bool useBaseMap;

            bool operator==(const map_level_t &ml) {
                if (ml.bits != bits || ml.level != level || ml.useBaseMap != useBaseMap)
                    return false;
                    return true;

            static bool GreaterThan(const map_level_t &ml1, const map_level_t &ml2) {
                return ml1.bits < ml2.bits;

        /// scale entry
00210         struct scale_t
            /// scale name
00213             QString label;
            /// scale factor
00215             double scale;
            /// minimum bits required for this resolution
00217             quint32 bits;

        /// tdb filename
        QString filename;
        /// typ filename
        QString typfile;
        /// copyright string
        QString copyright;
        /// map collection name
        QString name;
        /// basemap filename
        QString basemap;
        /// north boundary of basemap []
        double north;
        /// east boundary of basemap []
        double east;
        /// south boundary of basemap []
        double south;
        /// west boundary of basemap []
        double west;
        /// the area in [m] covered by the basemap
        QRectF area;
        /// the unlock key
        QString mapkey;
        /// the basemap tile;
        CGarminTile * baseimg;
        /// high detail map tiles
        QMap<QString,tile_t> tiles;
        /// combined maplevels of basemap & submap tiles
        QVector<map_level_t> maplevels;
        /// flag for transparent maps
        bool isTransparent;

        /// different scale entries indexed by idxZoom,
        static scale_t scales[];
        /// the used scale
        double zoomFactor;
        /// top left corner as long / lat [rad]
        XY topLeft;
        /// top bottom right as long / lat [rad]
        XY bottomRight;

        QVector<QString> polyline_typestr;
        struct polyline_property
            polyline_property(): type(0), pen0(Qt::magenta), pen1(Qt::NoPen), known(false), grow(false){};
            polyline_property(quint16 type, const QColor& color0, const QColor& color1, qreal width, Qt::PenStyle style, bool grow)
                : type(type)
                , pen0(QBrush(color0), width, style, Qt::RoundCap, Qt::RoundJoin)
                , pen1(QBrush(color1), width, style, Qt::RoundCap, Qt::RoundJoin)
                , known(true)
                , grow(grow)
            quint16 type;
            QPen    pen0;
            QPen    pen1;
            QFont   font;
            bool    known;
            bool    grow;
            QImage  pixmap;

        QVector<polyline_property> polylineProperties;

        struct polygon_property
            polygon_property() : type(0), pen(Qt::magenta), brush(Qt::magenta, Qt::BDiagPattern), known(false){}
            polygon_property(quint16 type, const Qt::PenStyle pensty, const QColor& brushColor, Qt::BrushStyle pattern)
                : type(type)
                , pen(pensty)
                , brush(brushColor, pattern)
                , known(true)
            polygon_property(quint16 type, const QColor& penColor, const QColor& brushColor, Qt::BrushStyle pattern)
                : type(type)
                , pen(penColor,1)
                , brush(brushColor, pattern)
                , known(true)
            quint16 type;
            QPen    pen;
            QBrush  brush;
            QFont   font;
            bool    known;

        QVector<polygon_property> polygonProperties;
        QList<quint16> polygonDrawOrder;

        QMap<quint16, QImage> pointProperties;

        polytype_t polygons;
        polytype_t polylines;
        pointtype_t points;
        pointtype_t pois;

        QFontMetrics      fm;
        QVector<strlbl_t> labels;

        QTextDocument * info;
        QString         infotext;
        QPoint          topLeftInfo;

        QPoint          pointFocus;

        int detailsFineTune;
        QRect   rectDecDetail;
        QRect   rectIncDetail;
        QRect   rectDetail;
        bool    mouseOverDecDetail;
        bool    mouseOverIncDetail;

        quint16 fid;
        quint16 pid;

        struct textpath_t
            QPainterPath    path;
            QString         text;
            QFont           font;
            QVector<qreal>  lengths;
            qint32          lineWidth;

        QVector<textpath_t> textpaths;

        CGarminIndex * index;

        QVector<CGarminPolygon> query1;
        QVector<CGarminPoint> query2;

        double lon_factor;
        double lat_factor;

        bool useTyp;
        bool growLines;
        bool useBitmapLines;
        bool textAboveLine;

#endif                           //CMAPTDB_H

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